About Us 

FOA Marketing was founded in 1989 as an international trading company. It started with Import/Export operations for a variety of industries. FOA specializes in providing business development, sales, marketing, and management advice and expertise to bring innovative quality products and services to the US education market.

Why the education market? Expenditures for public and private education, from kindergarten through graduate school (excluding postsecondary schools not awarding associate’s or higher degrees), are estimated at $827 billion for 2003–04. Expenditures of elementary and secondary schools are expected to total $511 billion, while those of colleges and universities are expected to total $315 billion. Total expenditures for education are expected to amount to 7.5 percent of the gross domestic product in 2003–04, about 0.6 percentage points higher than in 1993–94. (Source: National Center for Educational Statistics). 

Companies in developing countries seeking to enter the US market quickly realize that the competition is fierce and sales and marketing techniques are complicated. Maintaining an independent sales force is expensive and the complex supply chain system, the differences in culture, legal issues, and business practices mean high risk.

FOA Marketing lowers the risks and barriers associated with entering the enormous education market in the US by carefully selecting unique products with a high level of innovation and great potential to improve education in any subject and at all levels. FOA Marketing provides sales, marketing, and management expertise to achieve a successful market entry for your product.

FOA Marketing works with a selected network of partners, associations, and service organizations to help meet your needs. Some of our affiliations include: